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Great burgers and sandwiches!! The Belgian style fries are like no others that I have ever had - they are a MUST!!
Went there about a month ago and loved it. The food was very good; I had the Chimichanga. The nachos were very thin anc crispy; not tough like so many other places. You could also get different kinds of toppings on the nachos. Very good, I thought
This bar is an absolute trainwreck. Yes they have cheap drink deals and cheap food prices, but along with cheap drink deals, comes drunks. And this place can not handle them. The cops are there quite often responding to various fights and it‘s like the employees don‘t even care. They‘re all intoxicated as well. The last time I was there a couple weeks ago, a table which I found out was all the owners and a manager was totally wasted...on the job! One of the owners girlfriends was the worst and she was picking fights with customers all night. The bartenders amd waitresses also partake in drinking on the job which probably explains the lack ov service you receive. No wonder everyone gets out of control here, there is no management whatsoever. Unless you want to be in a fight or deal with a population of major idiots then I would stay away from this bar.
Many talented musicians are coming to this place, especially on Thursday nights. If you like live bands you‘ll love this place. Every night is open mic night. If you‘re a singer you can just walk up and tell the band what you want to sing. Live Kereokee. Great fun!
Love, love, love this place! Freshest food in town. Friendliest people in town!